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Target Market & Fair Value Statement

Ongoing financial planning advice

Our service is designed for clients who need ongoing cohesive financial planning and wealth management advice where we regularly review our clients’ financial plans and make recommendations to ensure that they remain on track to meet their financial goals and objectives.


Type of client

  • Our ongoing advice service is designed for individuals and families whose personal and financial circumstances change over time and who are likely to be sensitive to changes in taxation, regulation and financial markets in general
  • Our service is designed for those individuals, families, trusts or companies who have at least £500,000 of investable assets outside of cash, property or business interests
  • Our clients value a personalised, face-to-face proactive service delivered by a trusted adviser where there are multiple touch points over the course of a year
  • We recognise that some clients, due to their personal circumstances, may require additional support in engaging with us. We are therefore committed to providing support based on an individual’s requirements so that we can achieve excellent outcomes for all of our clients
  • Our service is intended to meet the needs of retail clients


Client’s knowledge and experience

Our service is designed for clients with a range of knowledge and experience of financial products; from those with limited experience through to those that have taken advice previously and who are currently or have been previously invested in financial assets.


Client objectives and financial needs

  • We help our clients to contextualise their wealth in order for them to better understand and attain a state of financial independence
  • Our modelling services allow our clients to make better and more informed financial decisions on a range of subjects such as when they might be able to retire, and on how much, or what sums they might comfortably be able to gift to their beneficiaries
  • We advise our clients on how to adjust their financial plans in response to changes in taxation or legislation, enabling them to take advantage of available tax concessions, reliefs or any new products or services that may be available in the market
  • We evaluate products and services that our clients have previously been recommended to check whether they remain effective and suitable for their needs
  • We help to benchmark our clients’ progress towards their financial goals and recommend any changes to keep things on track
  • We provide wise counsel on a broad range of issues, enabling our clients to benefit from our deep knowledge bank


Negative target market

  • Our ongoing advice service is not designed for clients with more modest financial circumstances and more straightforward financial needs; such clients financial plans are therefore less likely to be sensitive to changes in taxation, regulation and the markets and there may be less scope to adapt plans as clients’ personal and financial circumstances change over time
  • Our service is not designed for those clients with less than £500,000 of investable assets; we believe that the cost of providing our advice for clients with less than these amounts may mean that they do not receive good value
  • Our ongoing service is not designed for clients who need one-off or transactional advice on pensions, investments, or insurance



For example costs please refer to our Service Charter.

We have undertaken a fair value assessment of our ongoing advice service that considers: the benefits it provides to our clients; the cost of delivering the service; the price our clients pay (including comparisons with similar services available in the market); and customer feedback. We are satisfied that our service represents fair value and will conduct regular assessments to ensure that this remains the case.


Distribution strategy

Our ongoing advice service is only available to Lockhart Capital Management clients.