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Battle for Bengal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party in bloody struggle with local rival for vo…

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Turkish lira spikes more than 2% in course of seven minutes
UK sugar tax weighs on margins at Fevertree
Turkish lira spikes more than 2% in course of seven minutes

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The widowmaker trade for hedge funds is back. Not that it ever really went away. via…

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Turkish lira spikes more than 2% in course of seven minutes

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RT @saumvaish: One investor's advice to Bitmain: reduce speculative positions in crypto. "People don’t invest in Bitmain because they are…

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Because the question of whether we actually Leave or Remain is still a live one, kept alive by anti-democratic Rema…

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RT @stefanauer_hku: Brexit is not just a British phenomenon, argues @gideonrachman perceptively: “All of the EU’s big six (in terms of popu…

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Imran Khan says he fears more military hostilities with New Delhi
No argument for protectionism justifies the damage it does to consumers

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In William Shakespeare’s ancient birthplace, discontent over #Brexit runs even deeper than three years ago when thi…
Free markets are usually our best bet for solving problems - but not in every situation

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A cafe in Thailand called 'Corgi in the Garden' is gaining popularity, thanks to the help of its 12 resident corgis

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Debenhams warns Sports Direct bid won't solve funding crisis

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RT @JoshMBlackman: 10/ I wrote about the issue of POTUS-naming in @CatoInstitute #SCOTUS review on Trump v. Hawaii. J. Sotomayor referred t…

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RT @SallyBundockBBC: Have you heard about the BA flight destined for Dusseldorf that actually ended up in Edinburgh by mistake? Where are…

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Israel struck additional targets in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday as Prime Minister Netanyahu rushed home to deal wi…

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German consumer morale darkens unexpectedly: GfK