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Juan Guaidó's claim to be Venezuela’s rightful president is recognised by more than 50 countries. That could change…

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Voters, Not Lawyers, Choose the President Trump's lawyers refused every time to allege fraud in court. Why? “Vote…

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Black Friday is normally a time for a fracas over cut-price televisions in a big-box store. On “The Intelligence”:…

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EU ready to concede on Brexit fishing rights - the Telegraph
U.S. patients hospitalized with COVID-19 surpass 90,000 ahead of expected case surge

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From @WSJopinion: Americans have tolerated extraordinary restraints on their freedom in the pandemic, but it’s incr…

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Oil companies once peered down their nose at utilities. Now they have a lot to learn from them

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Boris Johnson looks north for fresh faces in new year reshuffle

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2020 has been an exceptional year for butter



Coronavirus latest: --Infections in New York state topped 8,000 --Minnesota had a record number of fatalities --Tot…

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Type O blood linked to lower COVID risk, taking Vitamin D unlikely to help
EU's Barnier 'very happy' to be back in London to resume post-Brexit trade talks

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Port congestion draws U.S. regulators’ eye on ocean carriers (via @b_muzz)
British retail tycoon Philip Green’s Arcadia fashion group said it was working on a number of 'contingency options'…

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RT @mattwridley: A few things to be thankful for! (h/t @toddrjones)

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RT @johanknorberg: Black Friday every day: The time we have to work to afford the average commodity was reduced 74% 1980-2019.…



JPMorgan warns that investors in the U.S. money market are facing a grim year ahead

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RT @TheoShantonas: Confused baby see’s dad’s twin brother for the first time 😆

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The Supreme Court’s divided ruling blocking New York’s restrictions on in-person worship bolstered the prospects of…
RT @KGeorgieva: What will we need to help low-income countries through this crisis?    First, address unsustainable debt.   Second, provide…