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President Biden has a 51.6% approval rating.

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This is absolutely top-drawer punning. Richard Whiteley is chortling from beyond the grave at this. Superb. @nytimes

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RT @DrPatrickNewman: M2 growth vigorously increased 1.25% in May (compared to 1.03% in April). So far M2 has increased 6.5% this year and w…



"Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.”
Tensions Flare As Palestinians And Israeli Settlers Clash In Jerusalem Neighborhood

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Blackstone: perpetual housing crunch is boon to Wall Street
What special relationship? Canada grimaces amid hail of U.S. trade blows
The @WHO is setting up a hub in South Africa to give companies from poor and middle-income countries the know-how a…

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RT @mises_media: "The cronies and their government pals are increasingly exposed. As the co-founder of @FreeMarketMed, I am filled with opt…

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Liberty Steel UK executive pleads ignorance over finances of group

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A Swiss businessman was convicted of leaking company secrets to a former Lazard banker and illegally profited from…

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Existing Home Sales Decline 4 Consecutive Months, Lowest Reading in 11 Months Prices Rise Again Home prices are…



After more than a year stuck on video calls, company executives are ready to hit the skies and meet customers face…

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Man who is accused of killing nine cats was caught on CCTV set up by one of his previous victims, court hears

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Home workers help business boom in Somerset towns
Why Facebook rejected some Trump PAC fundraising ads while allowing others: by @abebrown716

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RT @MPaarlberg: Central America’s governments are increasingly authoritarian but their Achilles heel is financial corruption. My piece with…
Last month, Biden called on the U.S. to partially or fully vaccinate 70% of adults by July 4

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First Lady Jill Biden will travel to the Deep South to encourage Covid-19 vaccinations, as the White House seeks to…