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Losing your sense of smell and taste may be the best way to tell if you have COVID-19, according to a study of data…

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We're going to need older workers to return to the labor force after the coronavirus recession ends

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Not all of the chemicals needed to produce coronavirus tests have always been available in great enough quantities…

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RT @JeremyCliffe: In other words: the 🇩🇪 system allows for more sustainable long-term funding (as not a political football as in 🇬🇧) AND be…

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Britain is aiming to increase the number of tests for coronavirus to 25,000 a day by mid-April from its present cap…



Australian officials concerned about coronavirus cases overwhelming local hospitals order a German-operated cruise…

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Self isolation in Legoland Birmingham

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Beyond parody. h/t @etzpcm

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Texas now meets 20% of its sizeable electricity demand with wind power

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This is the second act of illegal fly-tipping on a country road near where I live this week. Beware: some people ar…

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Uganda’s executive asked lawmakers to approve the spending of $75 million in a supplementary budget to help fight t…

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RT @AmberChoudhury: HSBC, StanChart Tumble After Regulators Push to Axe Payouts
What you need to know about the coronavirus right now



Chinese LNG buyers have become some of the most active in the world

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.@RobertJShiller of @Yale shows how the financial contagion triggered by #COVID19 crisis has taken on a life of its…

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The number of deaths from coronavirus in the UK rose by 27% in the space of a day, according to new figures on Tues…

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RT @AlexInAir: In Britain, over 30 flights today arrived from USA (where #COVID19 cases are higher than any other country in world), plus I…

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FTSE 100 slumps as banks hit by dividend halt

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RT @ClaerB: Need some help rebalancing your household budget? I'll be LIVE on today at 12 noon and 5pm answering as…