SPEARS Revealed: The leading wealth managers of 2018

There are new entrants to the UHNW and HNW top tens of the Spear’s Wealth Managers Index, after another fascinating bull market year, writes Christopher Jackson.

The wealth management industry can sometimes seem sedate and slow to embrace change. But make no mistake, beneath the calm veneer of your wealth manager there is a man – or, increasingly, a woman – subject to complex political and economic currents.

First there was MiFID II, which came into force in January and consumed a great deal of time. “You really have to wonder whether it will have any meaningful benefit to the end consumers of wealth management services”, says new arrival on our list Chris Cole, one of the founders of Lockhart Capital.

We are delighted by the range of new firms on this list. In terms of businesses servicing HNW’s, there is also the remarkable success story of Lockhart Capital.

It all speaks to a wealth management industry in rude health. With the political situation still in flux, and the precise financial architecture of post-Brexit life unclear, this is consoling: it suggests resilience at the heart of the British economy. These advisers are all prepared to meet the challenges ahead – come bull market or bear.