The Spear’s 500 – 2020

Launched just two years ago, Chris Cole’s Lockhart Capital Management has matured far faster than its five founding partners could ever have anticipated. “We are so excited to be working alongside families that we really enjoy spending time with” says Cole, “and where we add significant value to both their financial planning and wealth management needs.”

The firm now manages over £400 million for a select group including entrepreneurs, senior law firm partners and major lottery winners, and is currently soft closed to new clients. From a planning point of view, it’s business as usual: protecting the financial independence that clients have secured, while ensuring the value of their estates is preserved in real purchasing power terms.

“Asset valuations remain high, with institutional investors wary of capital markets at such levels. Yet the end of quantitative tightening and the relaunching of quantitative easing makes it dangerous to be too far underweight, or short – at least from a tactical perspective,” explains Cole. “We expect loose fiscal policy to continue globally, and currently favour real assets over financial. Preserving and growing the real value of wealth will likely be more difficult over the next decade, requiring active, adaptive asset allocation. The 2020 Presidential election will be as keenly contested as ever, although this period of the cycle has traditionally been supportive of asset prices. Risks are seemingly of the geopolitical nature, and the evolution of a post peak globalisation world.”